Something for the weekend – A comedy sci-fi

I promised after I published ‘Chosen’ last month that I would try something a little lighter next. So I’ve switched genres and gone all ‘Hitchhikers Guide’ on you…please welcome ‘Tastes Like Chicken’,  a short piece of science fiction based on an idea I had whilst researching my article on stem cell meat. It’s aimed squarely at Douglas Adams fans; a fantastical and faintly ridiculous story about Moxie and her I-Bot, Morgan, working against the clock to save the human race from starvation.

The temptation when writing sci fi is to hurtle straight into world-building and end up telling everyone about where your story is set and how it got to be set there without ever getting to the ‘showing’ part where characters actually speak or do anything. In a short fluffy piece like this, it’s almost impossible to justify more back story than you can scribble on a fag packet, as I found out early on in the process. Indeed, I’m particularly thankful to my mum, who read the first draft and told me she ‘felt like it went on a bit’. She was right: it did. It’s now 800 words lighter and much better for getting straight to the point. I hope you agree, and again welcome feedback and comments if you have any.

Tastes Like Chicken by Louisa Brann

Have a great weekend, wherever you are.

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