Building a new world

World building. The most important part of science fiction and fantasy writing, to create a world that is incredible yet believable, strange yet familiar. This excellent article gives some insight into the art of world building that I hadn’t consciously considered up until now. As I discovered writing my last short story, building a world in less than 4,000 words and then still finding time to create a story with a beginning, a middle and end, and with characters who you can have a relationship with, is not easy.

I wrote a couple of thousand words a few months ago, to tackle this same subject. I intended it to be the opening to a novel, and began world building almost as soon as I put pen to paper. I’m not sure if it’s too rushed – but then again, I’ve read plenty of sci fi that really should have got a wiggle on with the plot rather than wax lyrical for three chapters about the setting, so maybe it’s better to move the story along and build the world from within. This is a longer term project that I intend to develop over an extended period of time, to complement my non-fiction portfolio which is the current focus of my work. It’s an attempt to discover if I really have the stamina for novel writing. I can’t promise when Chapter Two will appear but I’d really rather like it to. I’ve grown quite attached to Ashira already, and have several notions about where her journey will end. So take a look; I’ve posted it here for your comments and feedback.

Moku – Chapter One by Louisa Brann

4 Comments on “Building a new world”

  1. I’m a fan of world/universe building, and that 4k limit is a tough one. It forces you to really economize with your words!

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