Spies and Jazz hands

Over the years it has come to my attention that I don’t quite fit the mould. By day I am a trailing spouse and mother-of-one, PTA Secretary and all-round dependable person. By night I can be found captaining Dubai’s first long form improvisation team, performing as anything from an opera singer in a toilet cubicle to a housewife with an ironing fetish. Historically, this mash-up of practical and creative has been the essence of my inner conflict: my mind is drawn to logic, order and reason; my heart fights for truth and loyalty; my soul is flighty and theatrical. I’m a Dr. Spock-Oprah hybrid with jazz hands.

I have done a lot of managing in my life. I would rather not be a manager at all, but for some reason people (including me) spend a lot of time and energy putting me there, only to regret it when I invariably wish I was pretending to be an opera singer in a toilet cubicle instead. The list of jobs I would rather have been doing the past twenty years as an alternative to ‘manager’ is as follows: writer, actor, architect, interior decorator, florist, helicopter pilot, spy. Not that I would have made a very good spy. My husband will tell you, deadly serious, that although I envisage living life in decadent subterfuge clad in a Bondesque leather one-piece and waving a hunting knife disguised as a pair of opera glasses, my psychiatric evaluation would almost certainly reveal me as better suited to the role of assassin, dressed in jeans and a jumper and perched alone on a rooftop with twenty Marlboros, a pair of binoculars and a rifle. He’s probably right.

Back in the real world, the heady heights of middle management called. And it has taken me twenty adult years, three major career changes, emigration and childbirth to finally figure out my future away from it. At first it was just a blog post here or there, a short course, another blog; but one thing led to another, and in early 2013 I found myself embarking on a Master’s degree in Professional Writing at Falmouth University, with grand plans to publish a novel.

As with all grand plans, it is all about the sum of the parts. I need to research, plan and write my manuscript before I can even dare to dream of book signings and royalty cheques. And that’s where this website comes in – and you – because I can no longer manage on my own. I need fans and feedback, advice and critique. So take a look around, leave a comment, tell me what you think. Visit my blog, read my work, share my ideas with others. Be logical, reasonable and honest: Look into the future with me, and see if you like what I’ve done with it.




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