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Dance your PHD

So, here’s a great idea: a competition to dance your PHD. Science and performance art combining to produce something intricate yet comprehensible; serious yet entertaining; researched, rehearsed yet beautifully spontaneous. I thought I would share this with you, because it occurred to me that this is not just an innovative and exciting way to get […]

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Dinner’s in the lab, dear

Whether you know it or not, cow farts are a big problem. According to latest estimations, they produce at least 18% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. That means, for every 10 breaths we take, two of them are full of bovine bottom pops*. That can’t be good. And that’s just one of the food […]

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Rise of the machines

…actually, just one particular machine. The 3D printer has become a source of fascination to me in the past month. Like buses or boyfriends, they have come from nowhere and are suddenly everywhere. Useful for a somewhat limited number of applications right now, I’m pretty convinced that what we are seeing is just the beginnings […]

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