Something for the weekend: A Tuscan Fantasy

This is Civita de Bagnoregio. It’s an abandoned town in the ancient volcanic regions of Tuscany, populated these days by cats and tourists, but dating back to Etruscan times. While we were visiting, we witnessed one of the most terrifying thunderstorms I can remember; then, in desperation to get back to our car before dark, […]

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We just arrived at our home in Tuscany for the next five days. It’s like the place was made  for me:

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Sunflowers and lavender

…and what better place to visit at this juncture than the origins of the Italian Renaissance: Florence. I’m not quite there yet;  we are staying a few kilometres south and planning to pay a visit next week when we’re refreshed and relaxed. There is only so much city life anyone can take, wherever it is. […]

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