Building a new world

World building. The most important part of science fiction and fantasy writing, to create a world that is incredible yet believable, strange yet familiar. This excellent article gives some insight into the art of world building that I hadn’t consciously considered up until now. As I discovered writing my last short story, building a world […]

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Something for the weekend – A comedy sci-fi

I promised after I published ‘Chosen’ last month that I would try something a little lighter next. So I’ve switched genres and gone all ‘Hitchhikers Guide’ on you…please welcome ‘Tastes Like Chicken’,  a short piece of science fiction based on an idea I had whilst researching my article on stem cell meat. It’s aimed squarely at […]

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Dance your PHD

So, here’s a great idea: a competition to dance your PHD. Science and performance art combining to produce something intricate yet comprehensible; serious yet entertaining; researched, rehearsed yet beautifully spontaneous. I thought I would share this with you, because it occurred to me that this is not just an innovative and exciting way to get […]

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